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    Our partnership with English Exam Prep:

We take pride in partnering with one of the best IELTS exam training course providers, English Exam Prep, to help our clients develop their exam skills and be able to have a better chance on their immigration process in terms of their language ability. This course benefits our clients who are preparing to take the IELTS Exam and want to be 100% prepared to get their desired level. To learn more about our partner and partnership, please click below and listen to the video prepared by the founder of English Exam Prep, Mr. Kyle Broda.

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    What we offer with our IELTS Partnership:

Do you want to learn how to increase your IELTS score by 0.5 to 1 band in 3 weeks? You are in the right place! What this IELTS Prep training course provides is an online self-access course to help people improve their English language ability. With these online video classes, you will log in whenever you are free, and work through the videos detailing exactly what you need to do to get the score you need on your upcoming exam. You will join to do classes for 30 hours of video lessons with an additional 30 hours of homework to be completed. Once you purchase the course, you will be able to access the videos anytime for the next 60 days. We offer this $500 CAD course to our clients with a huge discount.

    The highlights of the program:

The exam training course consists of 4 sections: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. These are the sections found in the IELTS exam and will be discussed separately and in detail.

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    Important note:

Please be advised that this training course aims to help people who already have an upper-intermediate or advanced level of English. If your English level is lower than the level required to take the course, you need to first take English courses and then begin taking our IELTS Prep Exam course. If you wish to start preparing yourself for your IELTS test, which is a very important component for any immigration program, you may reach us at:

    ➔ info@starcanadaimmigration.com

    Additional information:

To get a free exam evaluation for your English level, click the link below

     ➔ www.englishexamprep.com/free-exam/

To get a free lesson sample, click the link below

    ➔ www.englishexamprep.com/free-lesson-sample/

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